Frequently Asked Questions


1. What was changed in DECAL KOALA effective July 15, 2017?
We added more screens under Facility Update where you can enter detailed information about your program(s) for public display. Quality Rated programs can also upload a logo and pictures. The options on the screen were rearranged for you to have easy access to both the new screens and the existing functions, such as License Fee, Background Checks, Enforcement Actions, and License Certificates.
2. I am a family child care learning home provider or the owner of a single center. Do I need an owner account and a director account?
Family child care learning home providers have a director/administrator account with access to all functions. Individual and corporate owners of only one facility have the option of creating an owner account in addition to the director/administrator account. Owners of only one facility that are partners, boards or associations will only have a director account.
3. I am the center director, and I have an account. Does the owner also need an account?
Individual and corporate owners of only one facility have the option of creating an owner account. Owners of multiple centers have an owner account through which they can view and update the information for all of their programs rather than logging in to each program separately.
4. What are inspection reports?
Inspection reports are documents created by a DECAL licensing consultant when she/he visits a child care facility. Types of these reports, which include the findings from the visit, include a Licensing Study, Monitoring Visit, Plan of Improvement (POI) Follow-up Visit, or Complaint or Incident Investigation. The last five years of inspection reports will be available in DECAL KOALA.
5. What are Enforcement Actions?
Enforcement Actions are penalties issued to a provider that are allowed or mandated by state licensing rules and/or Georgia laws. An Enforcement Action may be taken when DECAL determines that serious or continued noncompliance exists or that the provider does not comply with a specific rule or law. Types of Enforcement Actions include an Enforcement Fine, License Restriction, Revocation, Revocation for non-payment of license fee, Consent Agreement, and Emergency Closure. All types of enforcement actions are available for viewing in DECAL KOALA and in the search for open programs -
6. Will more functions be added to DECAL KOALA in the future?
Yes, nine development phases were planned for DECAL KOALA, and more functions will be added with the completion of each phase. We will notify you as each phase is completed and will also post updates in DECAL KOALA.
7. How can I provide feedback about DECAL KOALA?
You can send feedback and suggestions to
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